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Adding haunting music and scary sound effects to your Halloween haunt can really enhance the overall effect and stimulate your guests.

Background music, often called sound-scapes, for Halloween can be used help to heighten the overall effect of being in a sinister place. Sounds effects must be used sparingly! When to many and / or much is added to your haunt it can be distracting and actually take away from your scene.

Halloween MusicMidnight Syndicate puts out some of the best "mood music" that we have found for Halloween. Their Gothic soundtracks contains chilling sound effects, haunting melodies, and pulse-pounding orchestrations to set the mood for your darkest nightmare. Born of the Night and Gates of Delirium are our favorites. New to the 2006 Halloween season was "The 13th Hour" CD. Definitely a must have! It's available at Halloween retailers everywhere for around $12.99. A great price!

This CD will be on your "favorites" list for either lone listening, a party or to use as background music for your yard haunt or haunted house. We take it with us any time we are driving to pop in the CD player to keep us in the Halloween mood year round!

While not actually for yard haunts, we just couldn't not mention these great CD's. Elvira, has put together a wonderful set of Halloween treats. Great for your Halloween party or just to listen too!

halloween_music_4.jpg (5805 bytes) The first in her series, this CD has 17 tracks, Monster Mash, Haunted House, Ghostbusters, Out of Limits, The Blob, The Creature from the Black Lagoon, The Purple People Eater, The Addams Family, Welcome to my Nightmare, Twilight Zone, Dead Man's Party, Halloween Spook's, Horror Movie, I put a Spell on You, I was a Teenage Werewolf, Voodoo Voodoo. Full Moon performed by Elvira.
halloween_music_2.jpg (5272 bytes) "Elvira presents Monster Hits" is the second in her series of devilish Halloween music. This CD contains nine tracks filled with mood music including an introduction by Elvira, Little Demon, Feed my Frankenstein, Monster Mash, A Nightmare On My Street, The Addams Family. Monsta' Rap, Here Comes The Bride and an Outro by Elvira. Another great CD for your Halloween collection.
halloween_music_3.jpg (8105 bytes) This third in the series, "Elvira's Revenge of the Monster Hits" contains nine tracks that include an introduction by our Mistress of the Dark, , It's Your Voodoo Working, Attach of the Fifty Foot Woman, Werewolves of London, Monster's Holiday, Weird Science, Zombie Stomp. Haunted House and an Outro from Elvira.  What can we say about Elvira except "She can be our Mistress anytime!"

For more information visit the Official Elvira website.


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