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halloween image projectorImage Projectors are holiday lighting devices used to project an image onto a wall, garage door or any flat surface. They  run off of regular household electricity, so all you do is plug it in. While there are several manufacturers, the all generally come with a selection of holiday related picture slides, including our favorite, Halloween.

halloween_lighting_projectors_2.jpg (15749 bytes)Basically, you secure the unit to the ground via the attached stake, supply electricity and it projects the image of the particular slide onto a wall or flat surface.

Most of these can project the image up to distances of 50 feet and can be used both indoors or out. You can also use one in conjunction with a fog machine to create a really eerie Vortex effect. Read the "Vortex" article  for more information. Check out the "Vortex" article on the Got Fog? website on how to create a vortex effect using a projector and fog machine.

halloween image projector halloween lighting projectors Image projectors such as the one pictured here are usually available at most discount stores during the Halloween and Christmas seasons for around forty dollars.

It's a cool effect no matter what holiday you use them for!


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