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halloween_lighting_lightning1.jpg (29455 bytes)One of the most popular special effects to add to a Yard Haunt or Halloween Party is simulated thunder and lightning. Imagine a bright white flash of light, followed by the deep rumbling sound of thunder coming from your yard haunt!

When we received our Lightning kit  we were anxious to try it out, but restrained ourselves until the sun went down so we would get the full effect. It only took about ten minutes to set it up and we were ready to go. We switched the speakers and strobe light on, popped the Thunder CD into the player and hit the play button.

halloween_lighting_lightning3.jpg (17521 bytes)Suddenly, there were several bright flashes of white light, followed shortly by the deep rumble of thunder. We sat entranced for almost half an hour watching, listening and waiting for the rain to come. All we could think about was what a great addition this was going to our yard haunt this Halloween.

The nice thing about this system is that it does not simply repeat the same lightning/thunder sequence over-and-over again, but is random like the real thing. The Lightning Machine creates an incredibly realistic effect of thunder and lightning, and needless to say we were very impressed!

Lightning and thunder is a great addition to any Yard or Home Haunt!

The Lightning Machine - Haunted Enterprises
Originally designed for the haunted attraction industry, the Lightning Machine is now available to the public. Since the flash of light from real lightning is seen before we hear the thunder, the method of simulating it must be capable of synchronizing the sound of the thunder and the flash of light generated by a strobe unit. This unit does just that!

Setup is easy with only three cables to plug in. One cable goes from the CD player's headphone jack to the amplified speakers. Another cable goes from the CD player's line-out jack to the Lightning Machine unit. The third cable goes from the Lightning Machine unit to the strobe light. Pop the thunder CD into your player, adjust the sensitivity knob for the desired effect and you're done.This Lightning Machine Kit comes with its own power supply. And because the Lightning Machine uses a strobe light, instead of a regular light bulb or flood light, the lightning created is a brilliant white light, just like the real thing.

The Chauvet ST-2000S Techno Strobe offers a bright output of 75 watts and can be linked to other units to increase output. 75 watts adjustable speed (1-20fps) 10 million-flash life(included in the kit) is a real bad-boy, powerful enough to add the effect of lightning for the professional or home haunter. It has flash and speed control, and you can even daisy chain multiple strobe light units to only one Lightning Machine unit. This allows you to have lightning in several areas at the same time with only one Lightning Machine unit. You can purchase the extra strobe lights and linking cables from Halloween Connection.

The kit includes: the Lightning Machine unit, a Chauvet ST-2000S Techno Strobe, all adapters and cables needed, custom thunder CD and full instructions. All you need to do is plug it into your stereo system/CD player and it's ready to go. You may also transfer the thunder CD to your MP3 player, and plug the MP3 player into the Lightning Machine control unit.

Lightning Tips and Safety

The positioning of a lightning simulation unit is very important. If you have a peaked roof, place the unit securely just behind the peak. You can also place the unit up in a tree as an alternative to the roof. We like to place a Lightning Machine unit on the roof, pointed up into the trees behind our graveyard scene. For our indoor Halloween party, we place a Lightning Machine unit outside facing the windows to the room where the party will be held. This gives the effect of a raging thunder and lightning storm outside.

Safety note: As with any electrical device, do not use outdoors if there is any chance of moisture of any kind, such as rain. Don't allow extension cords to run through water or snow on the ground. Make sure that the cord is placed in such a way as not be become a hazard to guests.



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