The Yard Haunter


The Lighting Effects Machine causes ordinary house lamps to flicker to spooky sounds. Sound-sensitive lighting effects machine makes your house lamps brighten, dim and flicker as though they have a short-circuit.

Just plug lamps into controller, slide the included sound effects CD into your player, adjust the sound sensitivity control and your house is haunted! Works with your own music CDs too.

Controls up to 500 watts of lighting (that's five 100 watt light bulbs). Sound effects CD features thunderstorms, creaking floors, beating hearts, buzzing electrical current and much more. With built-in microphone, on/off/sensitivity switch, LED power indicator light, extra fuse and 6 ft. power cord. ETL listed. Not for fluorescent lighting. 5"W x 6"D x 3"H.

To make your Jack-O-Lanterns glow nicely without real candles, use one of the many types of battery powered "candles". Some come in multi-colored lighting and some come with a flicker feature that makes them look like real candle light. They are great for anywhere that you don't want to use an open flame and can also be used in a haunted scene setting as back light when placed behind small objects.


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