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Needless to say, Halloween has always been our favorite holiday and having a yard haunt is the best part. That's why the Yard Haunter was created, so that we could share our experiences others who would like to setup a yard haunt of their own.

Halloween Yard HaunterWhile The Yard Haunter does have some "how-to" articles, most contain recommendations of products that you can use in your Halloween festivities, and where to purchase them. These reviews include an array of products including Halloween costumes, tombstones, skeletons, fog machines, props and special effects. These are things that we have found of best quality for the price, ease of delivery and companies easy to work with. We want to share these with you, the Halloween connoisseur, to make your Halloween haunt the best it can be!

Originally published as part of the Halloween Online Magazine in 1999, The Yard Haunter has grown to the point where it needed its own home. Our goal was to create a website that would inform people about what's out there, where they can get it, and how they can use it for Halloween.

As a member of the Halloween Online Family of Web Sites, The Yard Haunter was created to be as informative and entertaining as we could make it. We hope you enjoy this site and find it all that it was meant to be!

Welcome to the Yard Haunter!


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